5 Best Electrician Clothing Brands (Rated By Guys On The Tools)

I’m sitting in the garden writing this while the Uk is in the middle of a heat wave. Us Brits don’t typically cope very well with the extremely hot weather and apart from the constant, “it’s too hot” comments the guys and I at work have spent far too much time this week hunting for various workwear that is going to keep us cool without being so thin that it falls to pieces.

Regular readers will know that I don’t often write best of articles as everyone has their own opinion and quite frankly Amazon reviews seem to do a pretty good job most of the time. However, as it is such a hot topic at the mo (pun intended) and I’ve been trying a lot of different work clothes lately, I decided there would be some value to readers in discussing the electrician clothing brands that I and my work pals find the best to wear. Enjoy!

Me wearing my Scruffs brand electrician trousers
Me wearing my Scruffs brand electrician trousers

What Are The Different Electrician Clothing Brands Electricians Wear?

In my experience as an electrician, the most popular clothing brands among guys and girls on the tools are Scruffs and Snickers. There are plenty of others out there but in terms of popularity, these two brands are often way out ahead.

So there’s the answer if you want it in a quick nutshell. I’ve always leaned more towards Scruffs as I find the quality-to-price ratio to be very good. Lately, I’ve been giving Snickers clothing a go with good results but some drawbacks that I’ll mention below.

I’ve decided to list the 5 best electrician clothing brands that I and my colleagues agree on. These relate mainly to their trouser, t-shirt, jumpers and coat offerings. Don’t apply these to footwear as that is another kettle of fish all together!

I Lean Towards Scruffs Branded Workwear

As mentioned I tend to wear scruffs clothing. A pair of trousers like the ones pictured above come in at around £30 and are available in a wide range of waist sizes and leg lengths which is important in my opinion. These are the ones I buy on Amazon.

On the downside, I would say that they are a little baggier than I would necessarily like and their thinness means that I find the pockets wear out a little quicker than they should in my opinion.

Scruffs Workwear

Good Value (£30 – £50 a pair of trousers)Slimmer fitting options seem to cost more
LightweightPockets wear out quicker than they should
Easy to SourceHi-Vis flashes which some people dislike
Wide range of sizes and leg lengths
Table showing pros and cons of Scruffs Workwear

I make mention to the hi-vis flashes they put on their clothing as whilst I’m sure it is done with safety in mind, I have put on a coat before only to be ridiculed by the amount of hi-vis on it to the point it sits in the cupboard unused – sparky banter eh!

I’ve Been Trying Out Snickers Workwear

A few months back I decided to treat myself to a pair of snickers workwear trousers. I use the phrase treat myself as they are considerably more expensive than the Scruffs that I usually wear. However, with so many colleagues telling me how great they are I decided to put my hand a little deeper into my pocket, get a pair and give them a whirl.

Me posing in my Snickers trousers
Me posing in my Snickers trousers

Whilst I do think they are good, I’m not as blown away as I thought I would be and do find myself heading back towards the Scruffs in the morning when getting ready. I must be fair though and point out that I couldn’t get the leg length I was after so had to compromise and get them turned up instead.

This is one of the downsides of Snickers in my opinion. Trying to work out what size you need is tricky as they use funny sizing and many sizes seem to always be sold old (at least when I have been looking). These are the ones I’m wearing above from Amazon.

Snickers Workwear

Very well madeStrange sizing
LightweightA bit shiny when new
Good designs with no excessive tassels etcExpensive compared with other brands (£80+)
Very popular with electricians
Table showing pros and cons of snickers workwear

I think it’s fair to say that Snickers are held up as the go-to brand for many electricians. Although they are on the pricier side, the quality is very good and they provide a good amount of flexibility when moving around. On a personal level, I struggle to justify the price difference between them and Scruffs but perhaps I need to find a pair of Snicker that I am more comfortable with

Electrician Clothing Brand Honourable Mentions

These last three brands are ones which other electricians I spoke to enjoy and are their go-to options. I trust these guys’ opinions and while it’s fair to say they are probably not following the majority (the majority opting for one of the two choices above) I still think they are worth mentioning as good options that are worth considering.

Dewalt Workwear Is Getting More Popular Among Electrcians

I’ve been a big fan of Dewalt work boots for years and I’m now noticing Dewalt workwear springing up more and more with electricians. My mate recommended these on Amazon. Yes, in case you were wondering, this is the same Dewalt that makes the power tools and their clothing seems to be catching on as well. I think the price point helps a lot with this (around £40 for a pair of trousers) and following on the back of how popular their boots have become, I can see this brand growing a lot more.

Site can be a Good Budget Workwear Brand

Some people simply don’t want to spend much money on their workwear, which is fair enough, each to their own. The brand Site is often seen in the wild on sites and at a price point of less than £20 for a pair of trousers, they are a good entry-level brand. I personally prefer to spend a little more on the clothes I’m in every day but maybe I’m just being lured in by the names and the branded advertising of others?

Helly Hanson Make Good Electrician Workwear Clothing For the Elements

I feel like Helly Hanson’s workwear deserves a special mention for making some pretty awesome wet weather gear. Their coats are well fitting and lightweight enough to be able to comfortably work in without getting in the way all the time (less common than you would think in the world of bulky workwear coats)

They provide good warmth and protection from the elements. Their trousers are also waterproof so electricians who spend a lot of time outside can really benefit. The catch is the price; with coats at around £75 – £100 on Amazon

Final Thoughts

Best clothing brands for electricians is always going to be a subjective matter but I hope this post has given some guidance about what I see to be the pros and cons of the most popular ones. I’ll continue to experiment with what I wear and enquire with other guys and girls who I work with and will update this post if anything changes or a new hotshot brand comes on the scene!

Dave Nicholas

I have worked as a professional electrician for many years and like to use my experience to help others in any little way I can.

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