Can Electricians Have Tattoos? (3 Minute Answer)

I’ve started to think about getting my first tattoo. Nothing too big and most likely on my arm or somewhere else pretty regular but this has meant that for the first time I’ve had to consider the question, can electricians have tattoos?

This article is my look into this question to find out if I can get any tattoo I like or if certain tattoo placements will affect my career prospects as an electrician.

Electrician getting a tattoo
Electrician getting a tattoo

Electrical companies don’t often impose tattoo restrictions on their employees so electricians can have tattoos, as long as their employer is fine with it. Most customers wouldn’t think twice about an electrician with tattoos entering their home, but the placement of the tattoos can have an effect.

Decades ago, when tattoos were not as common as today, an electrician having a visible tattoo would have been considered unprofessional. Today, however, tattoos are so common that most employers have no restrictions on them.

Continue reading to learn more about electricians, tattoos, and considerations to take if you are considering a career as an electrician with tattoos. 

Can Electricians have Tattoos? 

Electricians may frequently find themselves working in their clients’ homes or businesses. It is critical that they appear professional and pleasant while on the job. A client wants to know that the individual entering their home is someone they can rely on. 

Unfortunately, we all make judgements on others based on appearance. It’s a shame but a reality of the world we live in. In our daily life, when entering a customer’s premises we have to look professional and this includes the uniform we are wearing and extends to any tattoos we have chosen to get. 

This doesn’t mean tattoos are a no go, we just have to be thoughtful about the impression they give to a possible customer.

Can Electricians Have Neck Tattoos? 

While most tattoos are generally accepted throughout the workplace, there are still some tattoos that are frowned upon. This is especially true in client-facing roles. Neck tattoos are one such example of a tattoo location that can sometimes prevent an electrician from getting a job.

This is because neck tattoos have a negative connotation that connects neck tattoos with felons, prisons, and other people who may seem questionable. This isn’t always the case. I have personally worked with other electricians who have neck tattoos but we are opening ourselves up to being turned down by a potential employer

If you have a neck tattoo and want to be an electrician, you could invest in tattoo makeup to provide coverage during working hours or even just for the interview.

Can Electricians Have Face Tattoos? 

Like neck tattoos, face tattoos are another tattoo location that is still looked badly upon, even in the 21st century. An electrician with a face tattoo will have to work extra hard to ensure that their interactions are pleasant with both customers and their bosses.

A face tattoo is usually the first thing someone will notice about that person, and it could form a negative perception, even if that person is a happy go lucky person. Like neck tattoos, if you have a face tattoo you could invest in a good tattoo coverup makeup.

I searched through the career website, Indeed, to look at electrician recruitment adverts. Non-specifiaclly mentioned that tattoos were a bar to getting the role but turning up to an interview with a face tattoo we are relying on the open-mindedness of the employer conducting the interview.

Can Electricians Have Hand Tattoos? 

Hand tattoos have generally become more accepted than both face and neck tattoos, so you can generally be an electrician with hand tattoos as long as the images are not offensive.

If you have an offensive word on your hand, it is recommended that you cover up the tattoo. You can do this easily with makeup or by using a band-aid to conceal the artwork. If you are trying to become an electrician and you don’t already have any hand tattoos, you may want to rethink getting them for a while at least until you’ve got your foot in the door with a company.

There are also restrictions placed on the number and type of rings electricians can wear as talked about in this article here.

Can Linemen Have Tattoos? 

Outside linemen, unsurprisingly spend most of their daily tasks working outside either on their own or in a small team of other linemen. This type of electrician has the least number of interactions with clients or potential clients. Because of their limited interactions with paying customers, face, neck, and hand tattoos are generally more accepted in this role.

If you are currently a lineman and aspire of moving into a management role, your face, hand, and neck tattoos, if you have them, may need to be covered up.

What Should an Electrician Consider Before Getting a Tattoo?

Pros of Having a Tattoo 

Something that was once a tradition for sailors and Native Americans is now popular among housewives and the typical college student. Many people choose to get tattoos as an expression of their artistic side or because they want to make a difference in their lives and try something new.

Another reason a lot of people get tattoos is when a loved one dies because they want something to remember them by. A memento on their body feels more appropriate and deep meaning than some of the other options.

There are also people who get tattoos for religious or cultural reasons and these are generally accepted easily within the workplace.

Cons of Having a Tattoo 

There will always be a drawback with every benefit. People acquire tattoos for personal or religious reasons, but there are also those who get them for gang involvement or drug use.

Some people also get tattoos that, while amusing at the time, maybe may come across rather childish in years to come as they get older!

What some people forget when they decide to get a tattoo is that it is permanent and requires a lot of money, pain, and time to remove. 

Consider the Tattoo Placement 

When it comes to tattoos in the workplace, the placement of the tattoo and the imagery could mean the difference between landing that dream job or being passed over. Many people who choose to get a tattoo, get it in a place that can easily be covered with clothing to save any potential problems with employers. 

Covering tattoos with clothing in the workplace has been happening ever since tattoos became widely available. This is especially true in client-facing roles, like an electrician may be confronted with. Tattoos that can be easily covered are usually the preference for employers, even for jobs that do not have a hard stance on them. 

A tattoo on the face and neck should be avoided if you are looking to go into a client-facing job. Face and neck tattoos are the first things that people will notice, they cannot be covered easily, and historically face and neck tattoos have gotten a bad reputation. 

Covering Prominent Tattoos 

There are some tattoo placements that cannot be covered by clothing, but the person may still need to hide their tattoos if they are going into the client’s homes. This can be done with makeup. There are several companies that produce makeup that is specifically designed to cover up tattoos.

Avoid Offensive Imagery 

If you cannot cover your tattoo, or it would be impractical to do so, deeply consider the content and imagery of your permanent ink. Offensive tattoos should be avoided at all costs. This applies to the blatantly offensive to the more subtle versions as well.  

Content that could be considered offensive or may offend sensitive people could be artwork that contains curse words, gang symbols, and nudity are all examples of tattoos that could be considered offensive.  


Overall from the research and my persoanl experience of working with otherv electrcians with tattoos, electrcians can have tattoos but it’s worth considering where we would like our electrcial career to take us.

If we plan to climb the electrician career ladder and end up s an engineer in the office going out in smar buisness clothes to meet clients than excessive tattoos in prominent places may not give the impression that we are looking for.

Dave Nicholas

I have worked as a professional electrician for many years and like to use my experience to help others in any little way I can.

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