Top Reasons Why You Should Get Your House Electrics Checked

I am the absolute master when it comes to putting things off and burying my head in the sand, but this week I said, ‘No More!’ I visited my dentist (I’m not sure if I can refer to her as my dentist as it’s been so long I’m surprised I hadn’t been chucked off her patient list) and the tooth that has been giving me jip finally got sorted.

How is this relevant to the question, should I get my house electrics checked? Because I wanted to demonstrate that we all like to put things off that we know we should get done. We all worry about the unknowns and If we are being honest were probably more worried about the unknown costs involved than the procedure itself!

I thought that by providing a few reasons why we should consider getting our home electrics checked it may be that little nudge homeowners need to bite the bullet and stop putting off a situation that left ignored can cause a lot more harm in the long run!

A consumer unit during an electrical safety check

Should I Get My House Electrics Checked?

Getting the electrics in your home inspected by a qualified electrician is a great idea. Of course, as an electrician, I am biased to say that, but as well as ensuring minimum safety standards are met there really are some benefits to catching problems early. Like going to the dentist, electrical safety checks are a lot less painful and financially damaging than people first fear.

Anyone’s home can benefit from a quick once-over check of the electrical systems but I’ve also listed below the most common reasons why I get called on to pay a home a visit

Top Reasons For Getting Electrics Checked Out In Your Home

RCD or Circuit Breaker Tripping

Our consumer units (fuse boards) contain multiple safety devices such as circuit breakers, RCD protection and arc flash detection devices. These devices have become much more sophisticated over the years and can trip at the slightest hint of a fault. If a device in the consumer unit is tripping it is a warning that there is a fault on the circuit somewhere and it needs a proper investigation by an electrician.

Old Looking Equipment

Much like the powerful phones in our pockets or the super fast wifi in our homes, technology with regard to electrical safety has come a long way. If the equipment on your home generally looks old, tired and in need of a facelift, the chances are it could do with a once over. If we can carry out a complete electrical check and catch old equipment and replace it before it fails, it will save a lot of inconveniences compared to dealing with the problem when the lights have gone out!

Wanting To Make Changes

Every house on my street seems to be having a loft conversion or an electric vehicle charger installed at the moment. Before additional circuits can be added to the electrical installation, it is a really good idea to have the whole system checked. Upgrades can be carried out at the same time as the new work, and this is a really financially economical way to do things.

Electrical safety checks can pick up faults hidden deep in the walls without causing damage
Electrical safety checks can pick up faults hidden deep in the walls without causing damage

Time To Sell Up

Whilst at the moment it’s not law to have your home electrics checked before selling your house (as far as I am aware, I am not an estate agent or lawyer so please check yourself!) having the work done can help put buyers’ minds at ease and could potentially squeeze some more money out the sale. I wrote an article discussing the pros and cons of getting the electrics checked before selling.

Letting The House Out

The law in the UK is that landlords must get the properties they let out electrically safety checked (again, not a lawyer so double check yourself people!) Even if you aren’t a landlord getting the check done maybe the push potential landlords need to commit to buying your home.

If In Doubt Call Them Out

No one knows your home as you do. Whenever I go to test a property the first thing I do is spend 10 to 15 minutes talking to the customer about their home. Only the homeowner knows where all the sockets are hiding, that light that is ‘a bit iffy’ or the DIY work they decided to take on. If you have any doubts about the safety of the electrics within your home it really is best to give a local electrician a call and get them to come round.

It’s Not As Expensive or Time-Consuming As You May Think

The time it takes to carry out an electrical safety check varies depending on the size of the house but typically half a day and around £200 will cover the initial check. While £200 is by no means a small amount of money, if it gives peace of mind and keeps people safe it must be worth it.

Final Thoughts

If you are a homeowner questioning, should I get my house electrics checked then the answer is probably yes! In the same way, I kept telling my partner that my tooth would get better on its own (the look she gave me back told me exactly what she thought of that theory) the electrics in your home are not going to get better on their own.

My advice is to pay a professional electrician to come to your home and check. The relief after my cavity was filled was amazing and I’m much keener to go for my 6 monthly checkups now!

Dave Nicholas

I have worked as a professional electrician for many years and like to use my experience to help others in any little way I can.

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